Zweeler Winners!

NFL (Teams) 17-11

  1. Mikko Nummenmaa: 37,12 €
  2. Dilligaf: 23,20 €
  3. dove18: 23,20 €
  4. EPO 3 ENAME-PALM-ORVAL: 17,40 €
  5. ALABRAMMIE: 15,08 €

With this Analysis Tool you can find easily which other teams have the same combination of riders. You can select a maximum of 10 riders (less riders is also possible), and click on search to see which teams have these riders in his selection.

For example: When you select Sportsman A and Sportsman B you will only see the teams which have both riders in their team and not the teams with only Sportsman A, or only Sportsman B.

Analysis Tool