Zweeler Winners!

BK Wielrennen

  1. RonAriFeMan: 57,29 €
  2. DIRK1958: 42,28 €
  3. sporting63: 35,79 €
  4. Pinokkio: 32,23 €
  5. Suarens: 26,85 €
  6. ALABRAMMIE: 20,46 €

Game rules


Before you can participate to this game, you need to be registered with Zweeler Ltd. Once registered for one of the games, you can play them all!!

After registration you can start creating your team(s). The teams can be submitted and changed until the start of the game on Saturday 25 August 2018 17:26 hours.

You can earn points with your own team, based on the stage results. When one of your riders finishes 9th in a stage, then your team will receive 12 points. When another rider becomes 3rd, your team will receive another 25 points, etc.

To create a team every player enters 15 riders and 3 substitute riders. When a rider does not start in a stage, then the first available substitute takes his place. The points of the drop-out will remain in your total points scored, the points of the substitute will only count from start of the next stage.

With dropping-out we mean not appearing at the start anymore. Therefore, when a rider drops out during the stage (DNF-did not finish), the substitute will only count from the start of the next stage. When a rider decides not to start for a certain stage due to whatever reason (DNS-did not start), the substitute will start receiving points already in the stage on the same day of withdrawing.

Moreover, you fill in the following predictions:

  • Winner Vuelta a España (FREE)

With all unforeseen circumstances, Zweeler Ltd. will make a decision.

It is not allowed to create more then 1 teams for this game.


Extra predictionPoints
Winner Vuelta a España (FREE)50

The prizes will be paid out as bonus credits on your Zweeler account. This bonus can not be withdrawn or paid out but they must be used for playing games. When you win a prize after using these bonus credits, it can, of course, be withdrawn or paid out.

The following prizes can be won in the game:

  • The best teams in the general classification.

The prizes can be also found via this link: prizes.

When teams have an equal amount of points, the total of the prizes will be added up, and divided by the number of winners!! We will give a few examples to prevent discussions:

  • 1 Marco and Tom 25 points
  • 3 Martin 15 points

Marco en Tom share the 1st and 2nd prize together, and Martin will get the 3rd prize

  • 1 Simon 25 points
  • 2 Servee, Eddy, Michel, Bram 20 points
  • 6 Peter 18 points

Simon gets the 1st prize, and Servee, Eddy, Michel and Bram share the 2nd and 3rd prize!! And Peter has bad luck!!

The prizes will be added to your account when the final results are published.

The costs per team are €0.00.

There are different ways to deposit money on your account to pay your team(s). You can use our payment providers like Ideal, Direct Banking, bank transfer or Credit Card. Please make sure you have enough money to pay your teams, because your team can not participate if it is not paid when the game starts.

If you pay through Credit card, Ideal or Direct banking you are account will be credited within a few minutes. With a bank transfer this could take 4 to 5 days and sometimes even longer. If you use a bank transfer please be on time, this will make sure you won’t be disappointed.

Should there be any discrepancy between the game rules in the English language version and the version in any other language, the English version will supersede.

If something is not clear, please send us an email on the following address: