Zweeler Winners!

Champions League (Teams) Playoffs - 2

  1. alonso: 30,24 €
  2. muka: 30,24 €
  3. Hummelbikers: 30,24 €
  4. freepad: 30,24 €
  5. Arsenal: 30,24 €
  6. passioneel: 27,00 €

Game rules


Before you can participate to this game, you need to be registered with Zweeler Ltd. Once registered for one of the games, you can play them all!!

After registration you can start creating your team(s). The teams can be submitted and changed until the start of the game on Friday 13 December 2019 20:20 hours.

This is the end game for the Road to Ally Pally. Only players who won a ticket in one of the 29 qualifiers can participate in this game!

You have a 118 million budget to buy 13 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Road to Ally Pally Final.

You can win points when one of your chosen darts players reaches the next round in the tournament. When your player reaches round 2, your team will get 1 point. When the player reaches the next round you will receive another 2 points.

The table for the points can be found under the header 'Points' on this page.

Moreover, you fill in the following predictions:

  • Winner Road to Ally Pally Final

The values of the darts players can be found through this link: darts players

It is allowed to submit multiple teams per player. There is only 1 restriction: Different teams of the same participant need to differ by a minimum of 4 darts players* from each other.

* The software will give a message when this rule is broken!

It is not allowed to create more then 3 teams for this game.

With all unforeseen circumstances, Zweeler Ltd. will make a decision.

  • Chosen dart player to 2nd round: 1 point
  • Chosen dart player to 3rd round: 2 points
  • Chosen dart player to 4th round: 3 points
  • Chosen dart player to quarter final: 5 points
  • Chosen dart player to semi final: 8 points
  • Chosen dart player to final: 12 points
  • Chosen dart player wins tournament: 8 points

Extra predictionPoints
Winner Road to Ally Pally Final12

The prize pool of the End Game is €6,000.00 with a 1st prize of €2,500.00.