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LaLiga 33

  1. bobo: €22,80
  2. TEBARU: €15,68
  3. judokaatje: €12,83
  4. freepad: €10,69
  5. detem: €9,26

The Fantasy Russian Grand Prix 2017 starts on Sunday 30 April 2017 at 14:00 hours CET.

To create a team you have a budget of 120 million euro to buy 6 drivers. Your drivers will score points based on their results in the race (race points) and the difference with their qualification position (bonus points).

Suppose you picked Lewis Hamilton and he qualifies as eighth and finishes the race as second. Hamilton will then score 125 race points and 6 bonus points. 131 points in total. He will receive 6 bonus points because he won 6 positions compared to the qualifications.

Drivers who are not finishing will also receive points. The first DNF (did not finish) will be classified as 20th, then next DNF as 19th etc.. Suppose you choose Max Verstappen and he qualifies as 10th and is the 3rd DNF, he will be classified in the race as 18th. In this example Verstappen will score 15 race points and -8 bonus points. 7 points in total. He scores -8 bonus points because he lost 8 positions compared to the qualifications.

The game will cost 2.50 euro per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of prizes of 250.00 euro. The first prize will be 45.23 euro (20 GC prizes).


If there are questions or if things are not clear, please send us an email at

Good luck!


Most popular
1Lewis Hamilton (76%)
2Pascal Wehrlein (59%)
3Max Verstappen (53%)
4Carlos Sainz (47%)
5Romain Grosjean (47%)
6Daniel Ricciardo (35%)
7Felipe Massa (29%)
8Stoffel Vandoorne (29%)
9Sebastian Vettel (29%)
10Nico Hulkenberg (24%)
11Daniil Kvyat (24%)
12Marcus Ericsson (24%)
13Jolyon Palmer (24%)
14Esteban Ocon (24%)
15Fernando Alonso (18%)
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