Zweeler Winners!


  1. Snipes 1: €316,02
  2. Stijnfox: €190,40
  3. flamand: €130,90
  4. HuiB: €111,10
  5. SUPERTRAMP: €89,25
  6. Apex-predator: €78,31

Game rules


Before you can participate to this game, you need to be registered with Zweeler Ltd. Once registered for one of the games, you can play them all!!

After registration you can start creating your team(s). The teams can be submitted and changed until the start of the game on Friday 16 November 2012 16:00 hours.

Every participant selects 25 skaters from 7 of groups of which you think will earn the most points in all World Cup’s, European Champion ship Allround, World Championship Allround, World Championship Sprint and the World Championship distances.

Example: When one of your skaters becomes 2th in the World Championship distances, he receives 80 points. When another skater of your team becomes 4th, you will receive another 60 points extra, etc.

The details of the points can be found under the "Points" header.

The extra predictions do not count for the separate prizes per race, they only count for the final classiffication!

Moreover, you fill in the following predictions:

  • Winner European Championship Men
  • Winner European Championship Women
  • Winner World Championship Allround Men
  • Winner World Championship Allround Women
  • Winner World Championship Sprint Men
  • Winner World Championship Sprint Women

The skaters are divided into groups and you can find them here below.

  • group A: maximum 2
  • group B: maximum 3
  • group C: maximum 3
  • group D: maximum 3
  • group E: maximum 4
  • group F: maximum 4
  • group G: minimum 6 and maximum 25

The groups of the skaters can be found through the link: skaters

It is allowed to submit multiple teams per player. There is only 1 restriction: Different teams of the same participant need to differ by a minimum of 3 skaters* from each other.

* The software will give a message when this rule is broken!

With all unforeseen circumstances, Zweeler Ltd. will make a decision.

When the skaters have the same time they will both get the same points. Example for distance in World Cup: When the numbers 1 and 2 have the same time, they both get 25 points and the nr 3 will get 15 points. Another example to be clear: when the numbers 14 and 15 have the same time, they both get 2 points.

World Cup252015121110987654321
Distance EC/WC allround and sprint252015121110987654321
Final classification Olympics or WC distances10080604844403632282420161284
Final classification EC/WC allround and WC sprint1501209072666054484236302418126

Extra predictionPoints
Winner European Championship Men25
Winner European Championship Women25
Winner World Championship Allround Men25
Winner World Championship Allround Women25
Winner World Championship Sprint Men25
Winner World Championship Sprint Women25

The following prizes can be won in the game:

  • The best teams in the general classification.
  • The best teams per race.
  • The best sub leagues.
  • The best teams in the sprint classification.
  • The best teams in the allround classification.

The prizes can be also found via this link: prizes.

When teams have an equal amount of points, the total of the prizes will be added up, and divided by the number of winners!! We will give a few examples to prevent discussions:

  • 1 Marco and Tom 25 points
  • 3 Martin 15 points

Marco en Tom share the 1st and 2nd prize together, and Martin will get the 3rd prize

  • 1 Simon 25 points
  • 2 Servee, Eddy, Michel, Bram 20 points
  • 6 Peter 18 points

Simon gets the 1st prize, and Servee, Eddy, Michel and Bram share the 2nd and 3rd prize!! And Peter has bad luck!!

The prizes will be added to your account when the final results are published.

You can join a sub league, or create a sub league yourself, to play together with friends, family or colleagues. The following rules/prizes apply:

  1. You have to be registered with Zweeler Ltd, otherwise it is not possible to create or join a sub league.
  2. A password is always needed to join a sub league, or you need to set a password to create a sub league.
    1. When your sub league has 5 or more members with a maximum of 10 players, then your sub league participates in the best sub league classification. The best 5 teams in every sub league are added up, and then a classification is made.
    2. When a player submits multiple teams, only the best team will count for the sub league classification. Only with your best team you can win a sub league prize.
  3. The prizes for the best sub league classification can be found on the prizes overview. When teams end on the same position, the prizes are shared as described in the paragraph about the prizes.
  4. The 5 best teams in the winning sub league will win the prize. For example: If your team is part of the winning sub league and ranked with the top 5 in the sub league, you win 100 euro divided by 5, is 20 euro.
  5. A player needs to have 1 paid team when the game started, otherwise this player won't count to get the minimum of 5 team members to participate in the best sub league prizes.
  6. A player is allowed to have no more than 1 account on his name.
  7. When the organization finds out that double accounts are being created, you will be disqualified; your account will be removed, and denied participation in all games that are organized by Zweeler Ltd.
  8. It is not possible for a player to join in more than one sub league.
  9. After the start of the game, it won't be possible anymore to join, leave or create a sub league.

The costs per team are € 7.00.

There are different ways to deposit money on your account to pay your team(s). You can use our payment providers like Ideal, Direct Banking, bank transfer, paypal or Credit Card. Please make sure you have enough money to pay your teams, because your team can not participate if it is not paid when the game starts.

If you pay through Paypal, Credit card, Ideal or Direct banking you are account will be credited within a few minutes. With a bank transfer this could take 4 to 5 days and sometimes even longer. If you use a bank transfer please be on time, this will make sure you won’t be disappointed.

Should there be any discrepancy between the game rules in the English language version and the version in any other language, the English version will supersede.

If something is not clear, please send us an email on the following address: