Zweeler Winners!

Tour de France stage 18

  1. Il Campionissimo: € 149,70
  2. drikkes: € 102,92
  3. diclem87: € 84,20
  4. wongo: € 70,17
  5. delbos: € 60,81
  6. Baracuda: € 55,42
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Sport Game My teams Teams Fee Date Time Finished on Prizes Live in
Eredivisie (Teams) 20€5.0018-09-202020:0030-11--001€200.006:15:00ENTER>>
World Series of Darts Finals (RtAP)0€5.0018-09-202020:1530-11--001€7,000.006:30:00ENTER>>
World Series of Darts Finals0€5.0018-09-202020:1530-11--001€300.006:30:00ENTER>>
Bundesliga (Teams) 10€5.0018-09-202020:3030-11--001€104.006:45:00ENTER>>
Tour de France stage 20 (RtA)0€5.0019-09-202013:0030-11--001€50,000.0023:15:00ENTER>>
Tour de France stage 200€5.0019-09-202013:0030-11--001€1,000.0023:15:00ENTER>>
Tour de France stage 20 (2 euro)019-09-202013:0023:15:00
Premier League (Teams) 20€5.0019-09-202013:3030-11--001€150.0023:45:00ENTER>>
LaLiga (Teams) 20€5.0019-09-202016:0030-11--001€100.001d 2:15ENTER>>
Jupiler Pro League (Teams) 60€5.0019-09-202016:1530-11--001€100.001d 2:30ENTER>>
Serie A (Teams) 10€5.0019-09-202018:0030-11--001€100.001d 4:15ENTER>>
Fantasy Premier League 2 (RtPL)0€3.0019-09-202018:3030-11--001€6,000.001d 4:45ENTER>>
Gran Premio dell'Emilia Romagna0€2.5020-09-202014:0030-11--001€50.002d 0:15ENTER>>
Super League (Teams) 10€5.0020-09-202014:3030-11--001€100.002d 0:45ENTER>>
Tour de France stage 21 (RtA)020-09-202016:002d 2:15
Tour de France stage 21020-09-202016:002d 2:15
Tour de France stage 21 (2 euro)020-09-202016:002d 2:15
Fantasy Chelsea - Liverpool020-09-202017:302d 3:45
NFL (Teams) 20-090€5.0020-09-202019:0030-11--001€80.002d 5:15ENTER>>
Hamburg European Open (RtPM)021-09-202011:102d 21:25
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