Zweeler Winners!

Tirreno-Adriatico stage 6 (1 euro)

  1. Gunung Batu: €14,90
  2. Zorro: €10,24
  3. Ben Zuidema: €7,68
  4. COQUES: €7,68
  5. Doortjes Team: €5,69
  6. muilie: €5,69
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Why play Zweeler Fantasy Sports Games?
It makes sport better. Watching sport becomes even more exciting when you create your own Fantasy Team.
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Why pay for Zweeler Fantasy Sports Games?
To win a six pack of beer in a Free Fantasy Game with 30.000 players is nice, but winning a paid Fantasy Game with more then 30.000 Euro of cash prizes is Fantastic.
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Is it expensive to play a Zweeler Fantasy Sports Games?
No, not at all, Zweeler organizes games from 1 euro for a day game to 10 Euro for a full season.
Are Zweeler Fantasy Sports Games gambling?
No they are not, it is proven that the players with the most knowledge about the sport are performing much better.
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Is it safe to play on Zweeler Fantasy Sports Games?
The security of payments to and from Zweeler is guaranteed by Easy Payment Gateway. Easy Payment Gateway is principally an online gateway for multiple payment solutions and credit card acquirers. Zweeler therefore does not store any payment information in its own database.