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Europa League (Teams) Playoffs - 1

  1. KO-94: €71.34
  2. Quizerre: €49.05
  3. Mikkert: €40.13
  4. karmelo: €33.44
  5. pinomigli: €28.98
  6. RastaNelson: €25.48
Added to start list
05-05 10:48Aprilia Racing Team GresiniIannone, Andrea
03-05 11:12Aprilia Factory RacingSmith, Bradley
03-05 11:12Team HRC (Honda)Bradl, Stefan
01-05 23:38Alma Pramac Racing (Ducati)Bagnaia, Francesco
01-05 23:38Alma Pramac Racing (Ducati)Miller, Jack
01-05 23:38Aprilia Racing Team GresiniEspargaro, Aleix
01-05 23:38LCR HondaCrutchlow, Cal
01-05 23:38LCR HondaNakagami, Takaaki
01-05 23:38Mission Winnow DucatiDovizioso, Andrea
01-05 23:38Mission Winnow DucatiPetrucci, Danilo
01-05 23:38Monster Energy YamahaRossi, Valentino
01-05 23:38Monster Energy YamahaViñales, Maverick
01-05 23:38Petronas Yamaha SRTMorbidelli, Franco
01-05 23:38Petronas Yamaha SRTQuartararo, Fabio
01-05 23:38Reale Avintia Racing (Ducati)Abraham, Karel
01-05 23:38Reale Avintia Racing (Ducati)Rabat, Tito
01-05 23:38Red Bull KTM Factory RacingEspargaro, Pol
01-05 23:38Red Bull KTM Factory RacingZarco, Johann
01-05 23:38Red Bull KTM Tech 3Oliveira, Miguel
01-05 23:38Red Bull KTM Tech 3Syahrin, Hafizh
01-05 23:38Repsol Honda TeamLorenzo, Jorge
01-05 23:38Repsol Honda TeamMarquez, Marc
01-05 23:38Team Suzuki EcstarMir, Joan
01-05 23:38Team Suzuki EcstarRins, Alex
Removed from start list
05-05 10:49Aprilia Racing Team GresiniIannone, Andrea

Start list Gran Premio de España

(Riders: 23) Starts on Sun 5 May 2019, 14:00
Alma Pramac Racing (Ducati) (2)
Bagnaia, Francesco
Miller, Jack
Aprilia Factory Racing (1)
Smith, Bradley
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini (1)
Espargaro, Aleix
Mission Winnow Ducati (2)
Dovizioso, Andrea
Petrucci, Danilo
Monster Energy Yamaha (2)
Rossi, Valentino
Viñales, Maverick
Reale Avintia Racing (Ducati) (2)
Abraham, Karel
Rabat, Tito
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (2)
Espargaro, Pol
Zarco, Johann
Red Bull KTM Tech 3 (2)
Oliveira, Miguel
Syahrin, Hafizh
Repsol Honda Team (2)
Lorenzo, Jorge
Marquez, Marc
Team HRC (Honda) (1)
Bradl, Stefan
Team Suzuki Ecstar (2)
Mir, Joan
Rins, Alex

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