Zweeler Winners!

PDC Summer Series Day 2

  1. Lucky double 13: €24.32
  2. Jakbo: €16.72
  3. EPO 3 ENAME-PALM-ORVAL: €13.68
  4. marben: €11.40
  5. Lee Campbell: €9.88
Added to start list
23-12 20:01NetherlandsLancee, Gioya
23-12 20:01NetherlandsTalsma, Kim
23-12 19:59NetherlandsAchtereekte, Carlijn
23-12 19:59NetherlandsAnema, Reina
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBannink, Danouk
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBeek, Lotte van
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBeuling, Femke
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBeune, Joy
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBlokker, Roza
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBoer, Myrthe de
23-12 19:59NetherlandsBoogaard, Tessa
23-12 19:59NetherlandsDas, Anice
23-12 19:59NetherlandsDedden, Ineke
23-12 19:59NetherlandsDrost, Helga
23-12 19:59NetherlandsDul, Elisa
23-12 19:59NetherlandsElst, Isabelle van
23-12 19:59NetherlandsFledderus, Marrit
23-12 19:59NetherlandsGrevelt, Isabel
23-12 19:59NetherlandsGroenewoud, Marijke
23-12 19:59NetherlandsGroot, Robin
23-12 19:59NetherlandsHarteveld, Leeyen
23-12 19:59NetherlandsHijlkema, Aveline
23-12 19:59NetherlandsJansen, Eline
23-12 19:59NetherlandsJong, Antoinette de
23-12 19:59NetherlandsJong, Letitia de
23-12 19:59NetherlandsJong, Michelle de
23-12 19:59NetherlandsJonkers, Sterre
23-12 19:59NetherlandsKiel, Esther
23-12 19:59NetherlandsKleibeuker, Carien
23-12 19:59NetherlandsKlijnstra, Moniek
23-12 19:59NetherlandsKok, Femke
23-12 19:59NetherlandsLeerdam, Jutta
23-12 19:59NetherlandsLoon, Lianne van
23-12 19:59NetherlandsLugters, Maud
23-12 19:59NetherlandsMors, Jorien ter
23-12 19:59NetherlandsMostert, Inge
23-12 19:59NetherlandsNeeling, Sanneke de
23-12 19:59NetherlandsSchouten, Irene
23-12 19:59NetherlandsSmit, Janine
23-12 19:59NetherlandsSteunenberg, Marit
23-12 19:59NetherlandsStollenga, Esmé
23-12 19:59NetherlandsTol, Manouk van
23-12 19:59NetherlandsVerhaar, Paulien
23-12 19:59NetherlandsVerkerk, Naomi
23-12 19:59NetherlandsVisser, Esmee
23-12 19:59NetherlandsVormeer, Imke
23-12 19:59NetherlandsVoskamp, Dione
23-12 19:59NetherlandsWerff, Bo van der
23-12 19:59NetherlandsWijfje, Melissa
23-12 19:59NetherlandsWüst, Ireen
23-12 19:56NetherlandsSlotegraaf, Remo
23-12 19:55NetherlandsAriëns, Crispijn
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBergsma, Jorrit
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBlokhuijsen, Jan
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBoer, Tjerk de
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBosker, Marcel
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBotman, Janno
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBovenhuis, Robert
23-12 19:55NetherlandsBrandsen, Stef
23-12 19:55NetherlandsDeelstra, Niek
23-12 19:55NetherlandsDijkstra, Lex
23-12 19:55NetherlandsDijs, Wesly
23-12 19:55NetherlandsDiniz, Sebas
23-12 19:55NetherlandsDobbenburgh, Joost van
23-12 19:55NetherlandsEsders, Gijs
23-12 19:55NetherlandsEssen, Mika van
23-12 19:55NetherlandsGeerdinck, Thomas
23-12 19:55NetherlandsGerrits, Jarle
23-12 19:55NetherlandsGovers, Thijs
23-12 19:55NetherlandsHospes, Jesper
23-12 19:55NetherlandsHuizinga, Chris
23-12 19:55NetherlandsJansman, Kars
23-12 19:55NetherlandsJorritsma, Gerben
23-12 19:55NetherlandsKalverdijk, Joep
23-12 19:55NetherlandsKant, Tom
23-12 19:55NetherlandsKooiman, Erik Jan
23-12 19:55NetherlandsKramer, Sven
23-12 19:55NetherlandsKrol, Thomas
23-12 19:55NetherlandsMol, Bart
23-12 19:55NetherlandsMulder, Michel
23-12 19:55NetherlandsMulder, Ronald
23-12 19:55NetherlandsNtab, Dai Dai
23-12 19:55NetherlandsOtterspeer, Hein
23-12 19:55NetherlandsRamler, Victor
23-12 19:55NetherlandsRoest, Patrick
23-12 19:55NetherlandsRomeijn, Aron
23-12 19:55NetherlandsScheperkamp, Merijn
23-12 19:55NetherlandsSmeekens, Jan
23-12 19:55NetherlandsSnel, Tijmen
23-12 19:55NetherlandsStoltenborg, Mats
23-12 19:55NetherlandsTalsma, Marwin
23-12 19:55NetherlandsTuin, Marco van der
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVeenje, Jur
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVeld, Kai in 't
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVelema, Lennart
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVerbij, Kai
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVerweij, Koen
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVisser, Harm
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVos, Jos de
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVries, Bart de
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVries, Bob de
23-12 19:55NetherlandsVries, Douwe de
23-12 19:55NetherlandsWit, Teun de
23-12 19:55NetherlandsWorkum, Jordy van
23-12 19:55NetherlandsYoro, Serge
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Start list NK Afstanden

This is the preliminary start list.

(Skaters: 105) Starts on Fri 27 Dec 2019, 18:20
Netherlands (105)
Achtereekte, Carlijn
Anema, Reina
Ariëns, Crispijn
Bannink, Danouk
Beek, Lotte van
Bergsma, Jorrit
Beuling, Femke
Beune, Joy
Blokhuijsen, Jan
Blokker, Roza
Boer, Myrthe de
Boer, Tjerk de
Boogaard, Tessa
Bosker, Marcel
Botman, Janno
Bovenhuis, Robert
Brandsen, Stef
Das, Anice
Dedden, Ineke
Deelstra, Niek
Dijkstra, Lex
Dijs, Wesly
Diniz, Sebas
Dobbenburgh, Joost van
Drost, Helga
Dul, Elisa
Elst, Isabelle van
Esders, Gijs
Essen, Mika van
Fledderus, Marrit
Geerdinck, Thomas
Gerrits, Jarle
Govers, Thijs
Grevelt, Isabel
Groenewoud, Marijke
Groot, Robin
Harteveld, Leeyen
Hijlkema, Aveline
Hospes, Jesper
Huizinga, Chris
Jansen, Eline
Jansman, Kars
Jong, Antoinette de
Jong, Letitia de
Jong, Michelle de
Jonkers, Sterre
Jorritsma, Gerben
Kalverdijk, Joep
Kant, Tom
Kiel, Esther
Kleibeuker, Carien
Klijnstra, Moniek
Kok, Femke
Kooiman, Erik Jan
Kramer, Sven
Krol, Thomas
Lancee, Gioya
Leerdam, Jutta
Loon, Lianne van
Lugters, Maud
Mol, Bart
Mors, Jorien ter
Mostert, Inge
Mulder, Michel
Mulder, Ronald
Neeling, Sanneke de
Ntab, Dai Dai
Otterspeer, Hein
Ramler, Victor
Roest, Patrick
Romeijn, Aron
Scheperkamp, Merijn
Schouten, Irene
Slotegraaf, Remo
Smeekens, Jan
Smit, Janine
Snel, Tijmen
Steunenberg, Marit
Stollenga, Esmé
Stoltenborg, Mats
Talsma, Kim
Talsma, Marwin
Tol, Manouk van
Tuin, Marco van der
Veenje, Jur
Veld, Kai in 't
Velema, Lennart
Verbij, Kai
Verhaar, Paulien
Verkerk, Naomi
Verweij, Koen
Visser, Esmee
Visser, Harm
Vormeer, Imke
Vos, Jos de
Voskamp, Dione
Vries, Bart de
Vries, Bob de
Vries, Douwe de
Werff, Bo van der
Wijfje, Melissa
Wit, Teun de
Workum, Jordy van
Wüst, Ireen
Yoro, Serge

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