Zweeler Winners!

Kasteelcross Zonnebeke

  1. JH: €25,50
  2. martinlaes15: €24,31
  3. Roegbainders: €13,11
  4. NathanB: €10,93
  5. alemao: €7,99
  6. paul oldenburger: €7,05

The Fantasy Darts 2017 starts on Friday 27 January 2017 at 20:15 hours CET with The Masters.

You have a budget of 175 million euro to buy 15 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Darts 2017. The World Darts Championship, all major tournaments and the European Tour events count for this game.

You can win points with your team based upon the achievements of your darts players in all tournaments which count for this game. You can score points per round in the knockout tournaments and via the final classification of the Premier League.

The game will cost 7.00 euro per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of prizes of 1,000.00 euro. The first prize will be 152.59 euro (30 GC prizes).

Finally you can win with your friends, colleagues and family 45.00 euro in the sub league classification (25, 15, 5 euro).


If there are questions or if things are not clear, please send us an email at

Good luck!


Most popular
1Michael van Gerwen (61%)
2Daryl Gurney (59%)
3Corey Cadby (58%)
4Cristo Reyes (58%)
5Peter Wright (57%)
6Benito van de Pas (57%)
7Jelle Klaasen (55%)
8Chris Dobey (47%)
9Kim Huybrechts (44%)
10Raymond van Barneveld (41%)
11Darren Webster (38%)
12Dave Chisnall (36%)
13James Wade (31%)
14Dimitri Van den Bergh (30%)
15Ron Meulenkamp (27%)
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