About Zweeler
Who are we?

Zweeler is specialized in offering Fantasy Sports Games. These games are based on real results of sporting events such as the Tour de France, Wimbledon and the World Cup Football. You predict which sportsmen or teams perform the best and win, besides honor, one of the many cash prizes! This will make sure that following a sport event will be even more fun and exciting.

For a small amount (ranging from 1 to 25 euros) you can have days, weeks or even months of fun. Following sporting events is with a Zweeler team even more fun and exciting. Each game starts with a certain a minimum amount in the prize pool. This will increase when the game is a success and we get more and more paid teams.

Zweeler.com is operated by Zweeler Ltd, a company duly registered under the laws of Malta on the 11 of March 2010 with registration number C 48982. Zweeler Website is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Zweeler Ltd. is registered at 209 Marina Street, Pieta' PTA 9041, Malta and licensed to provide controlled skill gaming services under License No. MGA/SGR/C/10/2017, issued on the 1st of May 2017 by the Malta Gaming Authority in Malta Our games and services which we offer are regulated and controlled by the authorities on Malta.

Playing a game is simple and safe

To participate in the games of Zweeler, you must register first. This process takes only five minutes. Once you have registered, you can immediately create teams. These teams can be changed or deleted up to the start of a game. Even if the teams already have been paid. In the case of deletion, the cost of team will be credited back to your player account. If teams are not paid at the start of a game, they are automatically deleted by the system.

The results will be processed as soon as possible during or after a sporting event. In most cases it is a few minutes after the official result is published. When a game is finished, your profits will be transferred directly to your player account. These earnings can be refunded via Paypal, Moneybookers or wire transfer. There are different ways to deposit money on your account to pay your team(s). You can use our payment providers like Ideal, Direct Banking, bank transfer, paypal or Credit Card. Please make sure you have enough money to pay your teams, because your team can not participate if it is not paid when the game starts.

The security of payments to and from Zweeler is guaranteed by Easy Payment Gateway. Zweeler therefore does not store any payment information in its own database.

History of Zweeler

Zweeler started in the beginning of the nineties with the organization of a Fantasy Tour de France. At first there were 15 players, so all calculations could be done on paper. Year after year we more players participated and the papers were switched for an excel file. We didn't only get more players we also started organizing more games. The Fantasy Tour de France was followed quickly by a Fantasy Cycling Year Game, Fantasy Giro d'Italia, Fantasy Vuelta a Espana and in the winter we organized a Fantasy Ice Speed Skating game.

In 2007 Zweeler went to the World Wide Web en started organizing their games for an even bigger audience. In the beginning there were predominantly Fantasy Cycling players but by offering other sports we saw many more new players enjoying our games. To grow even further we founded Zweeler Ltd on Malta and applied for a gaming license. Zweeler is growing rapidly and is expanding their Fantasy Games to other sports and other countries.

For example, there are currently over 1,250 games per year organized separately. Cycling is by far the most popular sport, but also the fans of Tennis, Football, Darts, Golf, Skiing, Biathlon, NBA, NHL, MMA, Cyclocross, Ice Speed Skating and motorized sports (Formula 1, MotoGP and Dakar can gain enough pleasure on Zweeler. Participants come from all over the world!

Measuring in 2018, more than 25,000 players competed in the games of Zweeler and there for more than 2,500,000 euros in cash prizes were already paid out. Also, software technical Zweeler continues to look for improvements and innovations to even further improve the game play experience.