Zweeler Winners!

Grand Prix de Montréal

  1. Bervon: € 57,29
  2. muilie: € 39,39
  3. wendela: € 32,23
  4. Corleone: € 26,85
  5. tchmil85: € 23,27
  6. Robin: € 20,46

The most important club football tournament in the world is about to start again: the UEFA Champions League. Last season Ajax was the surprise team by almost making it to the final. Can the Amsterdam team make it again? Group H seems to offer good opportunities for them with Chelsea, Valencia and Lille as opponents.

For the title, Manchester City managed by Pep Guardiola are the favourite. But the differences at the top of Europe are small. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG and defending champion Liverpool all have good chances to claim glory. Select your favourite teams in the Champions League (Budget) Game of Zweeler and compete for the first prize of at least 500 euros!

The Fantasy Champions League (Budget) 2019/2020 starts on Tuesday 17 September 2019 at 18:55 hours CET.

You have a budget of 75 million euro to buy 8 football teams of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Champions League (Budget) 2019/2020.

The game will cost €10.00 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of €3,000.00 in prizes. The first prize will be €500.00 (61 GC prizes). 

Finally you can win with your friends, colleagues and family €90.00 in the sub league classification (€50.00, €25.00, €15.00 euro).


If there are questions or if things are not clear, please send us an email at

Good luck!


Most popular
1Napoli (63%)
2Juventus (51%)
3Liverpool (44%)
4Tottenham Hotspur (44%)
5Ajax (44%)
6Internazionale (38%)
7Atlético Madrid (35%)
8RB Leipzig (35%)
9Manchester City (33%)
10Atalanta (33%)
11Benfica (31%)
12Shakhtar Donetsk (30%)
13Olympique Lyon (29%)
14Chelsea (26%)
15Bayern München (26%)
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