Zweeler Winners!

Wednesday League (Teams) 7

  1. ALABRAMMIE: €49.28
  2. EPO 3 ENAME-PALM-ORVAL: €33.88
  3. Corleone: €27.72
  4. tchmil85: €23.10
  5. muka: €20.02
  6. RastaNelson: €17.60

24 countries will compete for the European Championship this summer. It promises to be a very exciting European Championship with the top countries having little between them. Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, England and defending champion Portugal are all considered to have a good chance.

The European Championship will be even more exciting with the EURO 2020 (Budget) Game by Zweeler. All countries have been assigned a value and you can select seven of them within a 70 million budget. In addition, you can earn bonus points for correctly predicting the winner. Can you find the best team? Then you win 5,000 euros!

The Fantasy EURO 2020 (Budget) starts on Friday 11 June 2021 at 21:00 hours CET.

You have a budget of 70 million euro to buy 7 countries of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy EURO 2020 (Budget).

The game will cost €10.00 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of €15,000.00 in prizes. The first prize will be €5,000.00 (183 GC prizes). 

Finally you can win with your friends, colleagues and family €210.00 in the sub league classification (€100.00, €50.00, €30.00, €20.00, €10.00 euro).


If there are questions or if things are not clear, please send us an email at

Good luck!


Most popular
1Italy (59%)
2Croatia (52%)
3Ukraine (51%)
4England (51%)
5Denmark (48%)
6Netherlands (39%)
7Portugal (39%)
8Switzerland (36%)
9France (35%)
10Poland (34%)
11Spain (33%)
12Belgium (27%)
13Finland (25%)
14Austria (23%)
15Sweden (22%)
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