Zweeler Winners!

BinckBank Tour stage 2

  1. JFX-Laibach: €110,13
  2. Doedelsnack: €89,46
  3. Bertsu: €50,84
  4. Kronaldo: €42,36
  5. Stensig: €36,71
  6. kempenaer: €30,98

This is a qualification game for the Race to Abu Dhabi!

The Fantasy Belgian Grand Prix (RtAD) 2018 starts on Sunday 26 August 2018 at 15:10 hours CET.

To create a team you have a budget of 133 million euro to buy 6 drivers. Your drivers will score points based on their results in the race (race points) and the difference with their qualification position (bonus points).

The game will cost 5.00 euro per team and there will be 3 tickets to win for the End Game of the Race to Abu Dhabi. One ticket entitles you to make one team in the End Game of the Race to Abi Dhabi.

The prize pool of the End Game is 6,000 euro with a 1st prize of 2,500 euro. All tickets have a value of at least 25 euro!

We have 20 qualifiers in 2018 where you can win a ticket for the End Game of the Race to Abu Dhabi. Click here for more information about the Race to Abu Dhabi.


If there are questions or if things are not clear, please send us an email at

Good luck!


Most popular
1Stoffel Vandoorne (100%)
2Sebastian Vettel (100%)
3Sergey Sirotkin (50%)
4Nico Hulkenberg (50%)
5Kimi Räikkönen (50%)
6Romain Grosjean (50%)
7Marcus Ericsson (50%)
8Max Verstappen (50%)
9Brendon Hartley (50%)
10Lewis Hamilton (50%)
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