Zweeler Winners!

Tour Down Under stage 2

  1. Huug: €24,73
  2. month: €17,00
  3. IKE: €15,00
  4. marikakiri.: €13,91
  5. kris-boys: €10,05
  6. Dancetool: €8,83

The Fantasy Olympics 2018 starts on Saturday 10 February 2018 at 8:15 hours CET.

You have a budget of 115 million euro to buy 8 countries of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Olympics 2018.

A country can score points when ending up in a top 6 of a discipline. All 102 disciplines in the Winter Olympics count for this game. Gold is 10 points, silver is 7 points, bronze is 5 points, a 4th place is 3 points, a 5th place is 2 points and finally a 6th place gives you 1 point for your team. The details of the points can be found under the 'Points' header. All 102 disciplines of the Winter Olympics count for this game.

An example: On the discipline Alpine Skiing - Men's Downhill Aksel Lund Svindal (Norway) wins the gold before Kjetil Jansrud (Norway), Dominik Paris (Italy), Beat Feuz (Switzerland), Matthias Mayer (Austria) and Adrien Theaux (France). For this discipline Norway scores 17 points (10 and 7), Italy scores 5 points, Switzerland 3 points, Austria 2 points and France scores 1 point.

The game will cost 10.00 euro per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of 8,000.00 euro in prizes.

The first prize will be 5,000.00 euro (33 GC prizes) and finally you can win with your friends, colleagues and family 105.00 euro in the sub league classification (50, 25, 15, 10, 5 euro).


If there are questions or if things are not clear, please send us an email at

Good luck!


Most popular
1Czech Republic (76%)
2United States (66%)
3Austria (66%)
4Poland (54%)
5Netherlands (52%)
6Norway (52%)
7Slovenia (41%)
8Belarus (32%)
9France (31%)
10Germany (30%)
11Canada (29%)
12South Korea (28%)
13Japan (27%)
14Switzerland (23%)
15Ukraine (23%)
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