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Fantasy Biathlon 2019/2020

  1. nico14600: € 500,00
  2. Etienne: € 431,93
  3. tititalia: € 349,62
  4. Vinnie: € 341,38
  5. Théo gp: € 175,71
  6. Portalrubio: € 152,28
Added to start list
07-11 16:23Audi Sport ABT SchaefflerAbt, Daniel
07-11 16:23Audi Sport ABT SchaefflerAudi Sport ABT Schaeffler,
07-11 16:23Audi Sport ABT SchaefflerDi Grassi, Lucas
07-11 16:23BMW i Andretti MotorsportBMW i Andretti Motorsport,
07-11 16:23BMW i Andretti MotorsportGünther, Maximilian
07-11 16:23BMW i Andretti MotorsportSims, Alexander
07-11 16:23DS TecheetahDa Costa, António Félix
07-11 16:23DS TecheetahDS Techeetah,
07-11 16:23DS TecheetahVergne, Jean-Éric
07-11 16:23Envision Virgin RacingBird, Sam
07-11 16:23Envision Virgin RacingEnvision Virgin Racing,
07-11 16:23Envision Virgin RacingFrijns, Robin
07-11 16:23Geox DragonGeox Dragon,
07-11 16:23Geox DragonHartley, Brendon
07-11 16:23Geox DragonMüller, Nico
07-11 16:23Mahindra Racingd'Ambrosio, Jérôme
07-11 16:23Mahindra RacingMahindra Racing,
07-11 16:23Mahindra RacingWehrlein, Pascal
07-11 16:23Mercedes-Benz EQMercedes-Benz EQ,
07-11 16:23Mercedes-Benz EQVandoorne, Stoffel
07-11 16:23Mercedes-Benz EQVries, Nyck de
07-11 16:23NIO 333Ma, Qing Hua
07-11 16:23NIO 333NIO 333,
07-11 16:23NIO 333Turvey, Oliver
07-11 16:23Nissan e.damsBuemi, Sébastien
07-11 16:23Nissan e.damsNissan e.dams,
07-11 16:23Nissan e.damsRowland, Oliver
07-11 16:23Panasonic Jaguar RacingCalado, James
07-11 16:23Panasonic Jaguar RacingEvans, Mitch
07-11 16:23Panasonic Jaguar RacingPanasonic Jaguar Racing,
07-11 16:23TAG Heuer PorscheJani, Neel
07-11 16:23TAG Heuer PorscheLotterer, André
07-11 16:23TAG Heuer PorscheTAG Heuer Porsche,
07-11 16:23Venturi RacingMassa, Felipe
07-11 16:23Venturi RacingMortara, Edoardo
07-11 16:23Venturi RacingVenturi Racing,
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Start list Fantasy Formula E 2019/2020

(Drivers: 36) Starts on Fri 22 Nov 2019, 13:05

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