Zweeler Winners!

Europa League (Teams) Playoffs - 1

  1. KO-94: 71,34 €
  2. Quizerre: 49,05 €
  3. Mikkert: 40,13 €
  4. karmelo: 33,44 €
  5. pinomigli: 28,98 €
  6. RastaNelson: 25,48 €

Game rules


Before you can participate to this game, you need to be registered with Zweeler Ltd. Once registered for one of the games, you can play them all!!

After registration you can start creating your team(s). The teams can be submitted and changed until the start of the game on Wednesday 13 February 2019 15:00 hours.

This is a qualification game for the Road to Yorkshire!

  1. We have 74 qualifiers in 2019 where you can win a ticket for the End Game of the Road to Yorkshire. The prize pool of the End Game is 40,000 euros with a 1st prize of 10,000 euros. All tickets have a value of at least 100 euro!

  2. There are 165 tickets available.

  3. One ticket entitles you to make one team in the End Game of the Road to Yorkshire.

  4. The End Game of the Road to Yorkshire will be the Road to Yorkshire. This will take place on Sunday 29 September 2019.

  5. One player can win up to 5 tickets. If anyone has won 5 tickets, it is no longer possible to take part in a qualification game.

  6. When a player creates additional accounts in order to win more tickets, the player is excluded from the End Game and his account will be blocked at Zweeler.

  7. The End Game will be put live at least five days before the start.

  8. If teams are tied in a qualifying game at a position that entitles you to a ticket, and there are more teams than tickets at the same position, the following rules will be decisive:

    1. The team with the best performing sportsman individually. The team with the sportsman in his team with the most individual points will win the ticket. For example:

      1. Team A has Tom Dumoulin with 70 points and Team B has Alejandro Valverde with 60 points as a sportsman with the most points. Team A wins the ticket.

      2. If the first sportsman has the same points in both teams, we will compare the next sportsman till we have a winner.

      3. The extra prediction does not count for art 8a.

    2. If both teams are identical there will be a play-off in the next qualifying game. The player with the best team will win the ticket.

    3. If both players have again a team which have the same points, rule A) will be applied to decide who wins the ticket. If both teams are again identical, then the next qualification game will be decisive.

    4. In case of an equal finish in the final qualifying game and A) is inconclusive, we will look at the total number of teams made for all qualifiers by that player. The player who created the most teams in all qualifiers will win the ticket. When this is also equal, we will draw to decide who gets the ticket.

  9. On the calendar you can find all qualifying games, fee per team, maximum number of teams per player and the total of available tickets for the End Game of the Road to Yorkshire.

  10. When you won a ticket, you can only win a prize when you created a team in the Road to Yorkshire Final. It is not possible to claim a prize based upon a ticket only.

  11. When a player won his ticket number 6 or more, this ticket will be given to the next in ranking.

  12. When a player won his ticket number 6 or more in multiple qualifiers which finished on same date and time, the following rules will be followed to give the ticket to the next in ranking:

    1. We check first in which games all tickets are won.

    2. Then the player will first get his maximum allowed tickets in the game with the lowest number on the Road to Yorkshire calendar.

    3. The rest of the tickets will be given in the next game on the calendar. In this game we will also give the ticket number 6 or more to the next in ranking.

  13. If a player qualifies with one team for a playoff, he can only win one ticket in the playoff, even if he creates multiple teams in the playoff game. If a player qualifies with multiple teams for a playoff, he will be able to win the same total of tickets as he qualified for in the game.

You can earn points with your own team, based on the stage results. When one of your riders finishes 9th in a stage, then your team will receive 12 points. When another rider becomes 3rd, your team will receive another 25 points, etc.

To create a team every player enters 15 riders and 3 substitute riders. When a rider does not start in a stage, then the first available substitute takes his place. The points of the drop-out will remain in your total points scored, the points of the substitute will only count from start of the next stage.

With dropping-out we mean not appearing at the start anymore. Therefore, when a rider drops out during the stage (DNF-did not finish), the substitute will only count from the start of the next stage. When a rider decides not to start for a certain stage due to whatever reason (DNS-did not start), the substitute will start receiving points already in the stage on the same day of withdrawing.

Moreover, you fill in the following predictions:

  • Winner Tour Colombia 2.1 (RtY)
  • Winner points classification

It is allowed to submit multiple teams per player. There is only 1 restriction: Different teams of the same participant need to differ by a minimum of 3 riders* from each other.

For this the following rules apply*:

1. In the 15 main riders, between different teams only 12 riders are allowed to be the same.

2. In all 18 riders, between different teams only 15 riders are allowed to correspond.

*The software will notify you with an error when these rules are broken!!

With all unforeseen circumstances, Zweeler Ltd. will make a decision.

It is not allowed to create more then 4 teams for this game.


Extra predictionPoints
Winner Tour Colombia 2.1 (RtY)25
Winner points classification10

You can win for the Tour Colombia 2.1 (RtY) the following prizes: 1 ticket(s). One ticket entitles you to make one team in the End Game of the Road to Yorkshire.

The prize pool of the End Game is 40,000 euro with a 1st prize of 10,000 euro. All tickets have a value of at least 100 euro!

The costs per team are €1.00.

There are different ways to deposit money on your account to pay your team(s). You can use our payment providers like Ideal, Direct Banking, bank transfer, paypal or Credit Card. Please make sure you have enough money to pay your teams, because your team can not participate if it is not paid when the game starts.

If you pay through Paypal, Credit card, Ideal or Direct banking you are account will be credited within a few minutes. With a bank transfer this could take 4 to 5 days and sometimes even longer. If you use a bank transfer please be on time, this will make sure you won’t be disappointed.

Should there be any discrepancy between the game rules in the English language version and the version in any other language, the English version will supersede.

If something is not clear, please send us an email on the following address: