Zweeler Winners!

Tour of Turkey stage 4

  1. Txingurri: €13,08
  3. Elm: €7,36
  4. Ouwe: €6,13
  5. glenn485: €5,31
  6. zello bike: €4,67
Added to start list
08-04 22:17Roompot - CharlesSchip, Jan-Willem van
02-01 12:29Team SkyFroome, Chris
     No sportsmen have been removed from the start list
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Start list Tour de Yorkshire

This is the preliminary start list. The teams for which the selection has been confirmed, are marked with a green check.

(Riders: 2) Starts on Thu 2 May 2019, 10:00
Roompot - Charles (1)
Schip, Jan-Willem van
Team Sky (1)
Froome, Chris

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